Bredhurst Receiving and Transmitting Society

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Note: that a full copy of the leaflet BR68 will be provided in the exam

2j Schedule

2j.1 Clause 2(1) and apply the Schedule to the licence including the notes to the schedule.

2(1) Subject to other, more specific, terms in this Licence, the Licensee shall only use:

(a) the frequency bands specified in the first column of the Schedule to this Licence subject to the limitations set out in the second and third columns of the Schedule;

(b) a power relating to such frequency bands not exceeding the maximum specified in the fourth column of the Schedule; and

(c) the types of transmission specified in the fifth column of the Schedule.

As well as looking up details in the schedule, candidates will be expected to know that the primary user has first call on the frequency band, such that they may request amateurs to clear a particular frequency temporarily and to terms relating to setting up of a repeater.

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