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In this top tier course there is much more mathematical calculations as possible exam questions than in any of the other two tiers. For some students the math will be complex and initially way beyond their school day maths but it is hoped that by providing this section that ALL students will be able to fully understand the maths in the course.

The following pages have developed and the technical pages have been written so the order of items might seem strange to some readers.

Compendium of all equations that need to be understood for the exam

NOTE These equations will be included in the paper work for the exams.

If maths is not a subject you liked at school START HERE !!

Choosing and using a calculator

General information topics

Specific Information topics using calculator (REMEMBER there is usually more than one route to the answer when you use a calculator so if you have been taught a different route USE IT!)

"whole" numbers Powers of numbers greater and less than one Power in DC circuits Tuned circuits Part B 
"fraction" number Roots of numbers Circuit theory Transformers 
"decimal" number Prefixes / Exponential Capacitance Decibels 
"reciprocal" Algebraic multiplication Inductance Feeder basics
"pi" formula manipulation AC circuits Return loss  
"Math's Rule" Inductance & Capacitance with AC Field strength

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