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Let it be stated that "You DO NOT have to buy a calculator" but if you do want to buy one then consider what is written here and make you own decision. Further if you do decide to buy a calculator then "You DO NOT have to buy any book(s) on how to use it", as this course will show you step-by-step what you need to know about the calculator.

When looking for a calculator it is best to seek one that will meet your needs not only for amateur radio but one that is also used in schools, colleges and universities, then it could meet your needs for years to come (assuming you do not break it !!) - or may be for another member of your family for that matter.

The site is being up dated to take account of the use of CASIO fx-85GT PLUS which now available ( March 2013 ) for about £8 ( Argos £7.99 ) and which uses the AAA battery.

To fit a new battery you need to unscrew 6 screws which are very small and could not be readily done just before or during an exam so consider changing the battery for a new one prior to sitting your examination, checking the calculator is working properly.

This is the calculator that we are using in our current training courses at the BRATS (2013)
Such a calculator would make an excellent Birthday or Christmas present Below it is shown in its packaging as in UK.

Calcultor photo

However if you are a student younger than 11 do not be put off, if you have reached this far in Amateur Radio then it should be well within you understanding.

Please note that:- Candidates must accept full responsibility for ensuring that their calculators are in working order for their examination and that the use of material stored in a pre-programmable memory could constitute cheating.

Spare battery

ALWAYS have a spare battery with you and know in advance how to fit it, you will need to have a small screw screwdriver with you! If the calculator will not turn on or if the display becomes dim then a new battery should solve the problem. To continue to use the calculator may result in errors in calculation.

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