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Special events.

8d.1 Recall the purpose of special event stations and the format of special event stations.


The RSGB acts upon behalf Ofcom with regards to authorisation of a special event station and Ofcom requires the society when distributing Notice of Variation allowing radio amateurs to set up special event stations to ensure that the request is for an event which:-

  • is of special significance and therefore is generally accepted as one requiring celebration

  • and that the event is open to viewing by members of the public.


The station set up cannot be mobile nor maritime mobile .

It is understood that some events which are classed as Special event and for which you obtain a "Special Event Licence variation" are charitable events with a major concern being fund raising.

Ofcom has agreed that the nature of the event may be mentioned one air but under no circumstances may donations be requested during the contact nor must the sending of a QSL from the event be dependent / conditional upon a pledge of a donation.

So you cannot ask for money over the air - it is as simple as that !!

However there is nothing to stop the Special Event Station being sponsored in advance. In this case those who are to operate the Station can seek pledges from family members etc for so much money for each contact made or what ever other arrangement you wish to make BUT you may not seek sponsorship "on-air" at any time even prior to the event.

The callsign for the Special Event station could be somthing like GB2QJ which the BRATS used for the Queens' 60th jubilee.

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