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Applying for your licence


The data that a candidate gave on their exam application form must be the information given to Ofcom when applying for a licence - so legibility when filling in the forms is most important.

The RSGB reports that :-

"The Lifetime licence came into effect on the 1st December 2006. Candidates no longer need to submit their candidate results sheets as proof of passing the Radio communication Exam - Foundation Level - UNLESS they choose to make a paper based application. For all candidates that apply for their licence online there will be a secure link between the RSGB and Ofcom where results are transferred. Results are sent over on a weekly basis so the time frame in which candidates will receive their licence should be unaffected. Results given over the phone or by email will not be accepted, they must be submitted in the usual way.

Licence application forms will not longer be sent out with examination packs. Candidates will need to obtain their own form via teh Ofcom licensing Centre on 020 7981 3131 if they wish to make a paper based application."

Link to Ofcom for licence application

The site says :-

"Having registered, your username will be sent to you by post. It will then be possible to use the online radio licensing system in order to apply for a free, "lifetime" amateur radio Foundation, Intermediate or Full licence, or to amend, validate, or surrender your licence.

Please note that it will only be possible to apply for an amateur radio licence using this system if you are in possession of the relevant Radio Communications Foundation (RCF) Radio Amateur Examination (RAE) pass certificate which was issued from June 2003."

The origin of some of the text on this page is from the RSGB with additions by the web master

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