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(FL Exam fee from 1 April 2023 £32.50)

When you are a BRATS member you could take as short a time or a long, as you wish before you take your exam but the conditions are :-

  1. The current mandatory Foundation practical requirements, as detailed in Section 10 of Syllabus 2019 v1.5, are, with immediate effect, permanently removed.
    The Examinations and Syllabus Review Group (ESRG) and the ESC will consider whether it is desirable to reinstate some mandatory practical tests, which are compatible with distance learning and remote examination, and details will be included in the forthcoming syllabus revision (version 2). The amateur radio community will be consulted on these as part of the syllabus v.2 consultation.

  2. You may carry out self study from the web site and the RSGB book on the Foundation licence, but as a member of the BRATS you can take advantage of back up of the club's tutors by email / short sessions at club nights when there are no other activities such as a formal talks / presentations.

You could as a student take as little as 5 weeks to pass your Foundation examination from the date of your Practical Assessments !!

With that in mind enjoy your self studies and contact us if you would like more information on the BRATS.

Please read this section first > Link to general information about the FL course

  Link to the Licence conditions   Link to the pages on  Technical Basics   Link to Feeders and antennas

Link to Transmitters and receivers   Link to propagation   Link to Safety   Link to Electromagnetic compatibility

Link to operating practice and proceedures     

Link to documentation that you are given in the exam    

Important In the Foundation Licence it states

"Where this Licence is a Foundation Licence, the Licensee shall only use commercially available Radio Equipment which satisfies IR 2028. Foundation Licence holders may also use Radio Equipment constructed using commercially available kits which satisfy IR 2028."

In a nut shell this means in our opinion equipment that has been made for the purpose of amateur radio is in the clear but ex-military equipment may not and could require the user to have a higher grade than a Foundation licence for them to legally operate within the terms of their amateur radio licence.

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