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Cost of the Exam

  • RSGB fee for the examination is currently £32.50 (subject to change without notice on this site).

How many question in the exam

There are 45 questions to be answered in 1 hour 15 minutes. It is likely that a successful candidates will have to achieve a 60% pass mark which equates to 27 questions correct.

How different are the questions from those in the Foundation Licence ?

For the Intermediate examination there is APK ASSUMED PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE. This means that whilst the Intermediate syllabus is where the Intermediate exam questions will be directed, all the topics in the Foundation could play a part in giving the correct answer to a question. Further the Intermediate Course Exam whilst geared to specific parts of the syllabus it is expected that what is learnt in one part of the syllabus may need to be applied in another part of the syllabus to obtain the correct answer to an exam question. This is likely to be of particular relevance in the Technical Topics section.

How long does a course take?

  • The first point to understand is that other than for the practicals you do not have to attend a course. Thus if you have the technical knowledge or can learn on your own from the information on the this web site the exam date is really of your choosing, subject to some limitations.

  • The BRATS run a series of lectures (talks) for the Intermediate Licence course which progress at a rate, principally directed by students, which currently takes approximately one topic a month from the syllabus. This student lead initiative is popular with students as they feel part of the course and not overwhelmed by the talks. The gaps between talks allows plenty of time for revision - or if a students misses a talk to catch up.

  • However some students, once they have started the course, might wish to advance at a faster pace. This may done by following the course notes set out on the web site. The course will be a rolling one, so students may join at anytime and thus complete the course according to their own pace.

  • As part of the BRATS Intermediate course, on the completion of each section small tests will be set so that the course tutor and the student can assess their progress.

  • The BRATS advocate learning by doing and as such putting into practice what you have learned is possible at club meetings and field days / weekends making this a pleasurable introduction to the next step of the hobby of Amateur Radio.

  • Membership of the BRATS Club is a requirement to attend the talks and practicals but the course is offered for free on the internet with students then finding their own examination centre etc.

  • Students attending a BRATS training course will be expected to do some home study on the topics prior to the lecture so that the lecture is effectively a "revision" talk and to help fully understand the topic. If a student misses a talk it can be caught up by additional home study in the weeks prior to the next talk. There is no start nor finish date that is in the hands of the student, but each set of courses would have a target of an exam about 9 months after the first talk.

  • It is permissible to undertake the practical assessment for the Intermediate Examination before sitting the Foundation Examination. The candidate should sit the Intermediate Examination within 12 months of the relevant practical assessment.

Your exam

When you are ready to take the exam would be decided after discussed on a one to one basis with the lead instructor, who will have been assessing you throughout the series of talks. The exams date as with the Foundation Course is up to you but a minimum of 10 days notice to RSGB is required.

The data that is the name and address that a candidate gives on their exam application form must be the information given to Ofcom when applying for a licence - so accuracy and legibility when filling in the forms is important.

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