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7f Social issues

7f.1 Recall the correct procedures for dealing with EMC complaints, whilst understand that although new electronic equipment should meet the EMC standards, some existing equipment may not.

Dealing with alleged interference from your equipment to a neighbour's equipment what ever it is must in the first instance be dealt with sympathetically. That does not mean that you accept responsibility but you must show that you wish to listen to what the interference is that has occurred and show you have every intention to find, with the neighbour, the location of the source of the interference. You must be aware that whilst all new electronic equipment should meet the EMC standards, some existing equipment may not.

With a good start such as inviting discussion you will be well on the way to having a neighbour who understands you want to help rather than the complete opposite.

The first step is to stop transmitting if you were at times when they might be watching the TV especially "the soaps", football matches and any other popular program, as these cause more arguments than any other source of complaint in our experience. Then with the "possible" source stopped at those times of the greatest problems ask if the neighbour has kept any sort of record up to now as to the occurrences of the interference. Offer to show your log book to show that you keep accurate records of all of your transmissions and the "from time to time" tests on interference to your own equipment.

Assuming that the neighbour has not kept a log, and few have, then draw up a simple log sheet for them as suggested below:-

Log of interference to:-
Please record each occurrence of interference including start and finish time. Thank you.
Start time of Finish time of Description of interference eg. to what
Date.... interference interference patterning on TV, sound on TV, sound on radio equipment

Suggest that you both look into the matter again after a few days of keeping the records and see if the neighbour's record correlates with any of your transmissions.

It is a good idea to have available copies of leaflets from the RSGB on EMC which may according to your discussions be worth giving to the neighbour as matters progress.

Suggest to the neighbour if it is apparent that your transmission are the cause that you seek the assistance of another amateur to try to resolve exactly what is happening.

It is in your best interest to keep the relationship with your neighbour as happy as possible without accepting unreasonably all the responsibility.

If the matter gets nasty and the complaint is quite obviously not going to be resolved by you then let the neighbour know that there are formal complaint channels that you will be pleased to tell him about Ofcom.

at the end of the day if it is found that the reception of a broadcast signal on TV or Radio is affected by the amateur radio station but that the station is not at fault then it is the responsibility of the TV or radio equipment to finally sort it out - HOWEVER this is likely to lead to neighbourly disputes in the future !

Radio Broadcast Bands

Let's take a look at the relative positions of the Radio Broadcast Bands and the HF amateur bands to see what interference we could occur.

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