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Welcome to this learning resource on the published syllabus for the Advanced Radio Amateur Licence Examination

Make sure you download the "Reference Data for use in the Full Level Examination" 

by clicking this link

and use it during your study else you can loose a great many marks

Select section of syllabus to study from the list at the top of the page.

Topic LOOK UP Index Use this link to find almost any topic covered in the Advanced Amateur Radio licence Examination.
Calculation equations Compendium of equations used in the course and could be needed in calculations in the exam. It is hoped that we have represented all the equations here that are on the formula sheet.
Formulae listings sheet Always down load the latest sheet from RSGB which currently May 2021 is at the end of the Licence document

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From the RSGB

"The RSGB would like us to make Advanced candidates aware that the marking of the Advanced RCE is a very lengthy process. As the cover letter that goes out with every set of advanced papers clearly states, RESULTS WILL BE ISSUED WITHIN 28 DAYS of RECEIPT of ALL EXAMINATION PAPER for the EXAM. The RSGB typically start receiving phone calls from candidates wondering where their results are just 1 week after they have sat their examination and can receive up to 10 calls in a single day. The more calls the RSGB receives the longer it will take for the results to be issued."

So if you take your exam on a date in say March do not think to trouble the RSGB until at least the same day in April !!!

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