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There are 10 questions in the exam on this topic.

To be able to properly study this section you will need a copy of the life time licence printed out. Click here for access to .pdf file.

Note: that a complete copy of the Licence document and schedules will be provided in the exam.

Licence clause numbers given below are for ease of reference and do not necessarily indicate that clauses not quoted are outside the scope of the syllabus.

The relevant extracts have been added to the course notes in brown coloured text.

Syllabus sections:-

  1. 2a. Types of licence, format of callsigns including Regional Secondary Locators

  2. 2b. Users Services and International disaster communications

  3. 2c. Supervision of licensed and non-licensed persons

  4. 2d. Maritime mobile operation

  5. 2e. CEPT and reciprocal licensing

  6. 2f. Messages

  7. 2g. Unattended operation

  8. 2h. Logging and Identification

  9. 2i. Apparatus, inspection Closedown and renewal

  10. 2j. Schedule

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