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Syllabus Sections:-

Band Plans

7B1    49  Identify items on a typical band plan (e.g. centre of activity, band width and recommended modes).

Questions will be limited to the 5MHz (60m) and 472kHz (600m) bands and a copy of the relevant Band Plans will be provided.

NOTE: The band Plan supplied for examination purposes will be a typical plan and need not be one in current use. The Reference Booklet containing the examination plan is available on the RSGB web site.

You must look carefully at the syllabus section and especially where it says questions will be limited to 5MHz and 472kHz but you need to be aware of the the Notes

You do need to have a knowledge of the band plan and not rely on looking at the paperwork "for the first time" in the examination,to this end please include this document below in your normal studies so you are familiar with it.

                So read the syllabus and look at the band plan BUT remember the document used in the test may NOT be the same as the latest version available

The band plan as on the RSGB web site but you are recommended to download the document from the RSGB

Notes to Band plans


7B2  49  Recall that band plans in other countries and IARU regions may not align with the UK band plan.

You need to be aware that in other countries other than UK and in the IARU regions that the bands plans may be different from those allocated for use in UK.


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