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9a High Voltage Equipment

9a.1 Understand that all equipment should be controlled by a master switch, the position of which should be known to others in the house or club

This was first introduced to you in the FLC. It is of such importance that it is repeated here that your station whether at home or elsewhere should, perhaps that ought to be MUST, be controlled by a MASTER SWITCH so that in the event of an accident it can be readily shut down.

The location and operation of the switch must be known by ALL who might have need to use it.


No - then fit one and let those who ned to know its location and regularly test it operation.

9a.2 Understand that all exposed metal surfaces should be properly earthed

When you have any metal surfaces / pipe work etc adjacent to any operating position it must be properly ELECTRICALLY earthed to ground. This is often done through the EARTH connection of the mains lead but in the situation of field day operation a good earth stake is needed to provide the adequate amount of protection.

9a.3 Understand that no work should be undertaken on live equipment unless it is not practicable to do so.

Understand that suitable precautions must be taken to avoid electric shock.

When considering working on equipment whether it is mains operated or from a power supply at lower than mains voltage you must decide :-

Is it necessary to work on the equipment LIVE (that is connected to mains power or a power supply AND switched ON ?

If there is no need to have the power connected then DISCONNECT from the Mains or power supply so that it is totally safe.

If you have to work on the equipment live - because you are trying to trace an intermittent fault ALL necessary care and precautions must be taken to ensure that electric shock cannot occur:-

  • Remove watches especially those with metal straps

  • Jewellery especially rings and any necklace

  • only work with one hand inside the equipment and the other in your pocket to reduce the chance of a shock from one hand to another across your heart

  • work on an insulated mat on the work bench

  • stand on an insulated mat

  • have the work bench clear of any unnecessary items

The above is not intended as an exhaustive list but it is hoped it gives you the general idea about safety.

9a.4 Recall that thermionic valve equipment generally uses power supplies with potentials higher than the domestic mains supply.

This is a statement of fact :-

Thermionic valve equipment generally uses power supplies with potentials higher than the domestic mains supply.

Linear amplifiers often have an HT (High Tension) rail at about 2kV (2000 volts). Whilst it might be the volts that jolt it is the mills (milliamps) that kills and when you have 2000 volts just a few milliamps WILL KILL YOU !!!

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