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Written assessment information

Please note that written assessment papers will have 25 questions and the pass mark will be 18 questions answered correctly. There is no opportunity for unsuccessful candidates to take an immediate re-sit, BUT booking another exam can be done immediately in consultation with your lead instructor.

In the written assessment you are given several sheets.

Please print out copies before the written assessment. You need to fully understand the sheets.

If you go through the Syllabus for the Foundation Licence course syllabus and marked up how the questions relate to the syllabus sections you will find out the following :-

Question 5 needs the paper work with the title "Foundation Licence parameters"

Question 6 needs the paper work with the title "Foundation Licence parameters"

Question 9 and 10 needs the paper work with either the title "Frequency Allocation Table" or the "Frequency to Wavelength Chart" or both as the questions together cover sections 3c.1, 3c.2, and 3c.3

Question 22 and 23 need the paper work with the title "RSGB Band Plans" as they together cover the following 8a.1, 8a.2, 8a.3, 8a.4, 8b.1, 8c.1, 8d.1

Knowing this would give you a good chance of picking up 6 marks just by reading the paperwork and selecting the right answer or at minimum 2 from questions 5 and 6.

Schedule of Frequency bands

Conversion chart Frequency to wavelength

Band plans

Frequency Allocation Table

We would like to thank the RSGB examination department for permission to provide information on the paper work included in the examination on this web site.